Investing in start-ups to support FinTech ecosystem

FinTech360  aims to increase its angel investing portfolio whenever practical, to give back to entrepreneurs and support the teams, companies, and missions in which it believes.

Strategically, Venture Capital FinTech360, will invest in high-growth and high-quality startups or growing companies to generate capital appreciation through investment in early-stage companies capable of achieving rapid growth. It will support Entrepreneurial Talent by providing finance, and provide Business Management Skills.

The startup scene throughout Southeast Asia is thriving, with young entrepreneurs from all over the world flocking to the region to take advantage of the growing economy and innovative tech landscape.

Help provide to investment and grow your money

Seed & Angel Investment

Start-ups with a ready product or proof of concept, ranging from S$10K to S$100K

Business Development

 Growth Capital

Provide advice to companies on timing and approach to later stage funding, an average approximate of S$250K

Fintech products solutions

Crowd Funding Investments

Include fixed income & equity platforms in Singapore and the rest of Asia

Marketing strategy

Listed Securities

Include listed and unlisted securities in multiple markets, with the possibility to extend to currencies & commodities

Consulting service for client

Venture Capitalist Activities

Explore higher level investments in the range of S$250K to S$750K

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